Friday, March 8, 2013


I have searched many a site for adult toys, and until finding I had never found one I could truly stay with. Prices are too high, they never have the product I want, the shipping takes so long, I forgot I ordered the product. Then, one of my best friends told me I created an account, logged on, and suddenly found myself in total awe. I fell in love instantly. is more than just an online adult toy store. It's a community. You can shop, write reviews, make friends in the forums, even learn how to better your reviews under a mentor with more experience than you. There are so many promotions constantly going on, and contests here and there. EF seems more......personal than any other site I have found, and I love it.

EF even has something I have never found anywhere else: a points program. There are many ways to earn points on EF, which translate to gift cards which you can then use to buy product for yourself. Almost every action you do on EF has a points value assigned to it. There is a daily limit on how many times you can preform the same action to get points, but in the end your points add up quickly.Within my first few weeks, I place my first order using only my EF points to pay for it.

I have found such a variety of products on the site that I was a little overwhelmed at first. I mean, how many different vibrators could there possibly be out there? I realized that my previous sites' selection was nothing compared to EdenFantasys. I now find it slightly exciting to look at the may different toys before making a final selection.

I received my order within a week, and it was packaged very discreetly. A simple, plain brown cardboard box was sitting on my doorstep a few days after I made my first order, and I was actually surprised to find it was my product already. has changed our sexual life forever. I can't imagine going back to any of the sites I have shopped from before. We have so much fun seeing what's new, shopping, earning points to surprise each other with new things. I've even gotten my fiance to sign up on EF (Though I'm not sure how often she gets on lol). I love this site, and can't wait to have enough points to get something REALLY special for my fiance for our wedding night. >:)

Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kia Mustang. I am a 21 year-old lesbian Wiccan living in the middle of a church based state. I am engaged to my lovely girlfriend of almost 6 years. I am also a novice erotica author.

I have tried websites based for Adult readers, and I have found myself forced to edit my writings and contain my creativity and voice in order to adhere to the rules laid down my the sites. So I begin anew here, and hope I can be more free here.

This blog will consist of erotic fiction, tales of my personal experiences, and the occasional review of a product I have found and enjoyed and wish to share with others in a less formal environment. In a world where certain things are taboo, I wish to stand out and share and push the boundaries.

My name is Kia Mustang, and I want to be free.